Dog Friendly Accommodation WA • Pearl River Houses

Dog Friendly Accommodation WA

Pearl River Houses is dog friendly accommodation, and an ideal venue for you to explore, set out on five acres of exclusive land in Margaret River. The gently sloping green pastures and surrounding nature offer lots of outdoor space for long walks with your beloved family friend. The nearby paddocks are filled with native vegetation and to no surprise, many arum lilies.

Enjoy a truly memorable stay at our dog friendly accommodation WA. Tucked away in a secluded space, you will be enchanted by the unforgettable view of sky, forest, river and sea. With views over the valley and across the Margaret River to the forests of Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park, staying at Pearl River Houses is a feast for the senses. The area is full of wildlife and birds often serenade guests in the evening.

Come and discover an unforgettably romantic location, and find out for yourself why Pearl River Houses is a pet-friendly haven for dog lovers.

Your family’s best friend is more than welcome on our property provided your dogs are supervised responsibly. Please note there are no enclosed yards to contain your dogs, only the deck areas. Please respect the privacy of nearby accommodation by not letting your dog wander next door. Your neighbours may also have a dog so all visiting pets must be well socialised!

We are fortunate to have kangaroos passing through our paddocks. The kangaroos are not domesticated so please admire from a distance! Please ensure dogs do not chase the kangaroos for the safety of all animals. Dogs are not allowed on beds or furniture under any circumstances.

To enjoy our dog friendly accommodation, make a booking today, or contact our Property Manager should you have any questions. We look forward to seeing you at Pearl River Houses.